Manchester City coach Guardiola said, “I would not have gone to Las Palmas encounter in Spain”.

Manchester City coach Josep Guardiola has criticized the decision not to postpone the suspension for the Barcelona-Las Palmas match against events in Catalonia.
“Barcelona-Las Palmas match should not have been played,” Guardiola said in a statement to the Catalan press, saying it was wrong to postpone the Barcelona-Las Palmas match, saying, “If you decide to play this match, you should also have a stada admirer. used expressions.
The former coach of Barcelona, ​​Guardiola, is a great country with Spain’s cities, sports culture and literature, saying: “It is supposed to be people who want to make their own future decisions in the country, Spain will try to cover the facts, but the world media will show people. ” commented.
The Catalan coach who reported that he could not believe what was written in the El Pais newspaper said that “Police officers were wounded, wounded, wounded, and the exact opposite was the case and the people who were just going to vote for the schools were injured. should answer all questions. ” .
The Barcelona Club demanded the postponement of the Las Palmas match at the 7th week of the Spanish First Football League (La Liga) due to events during the independence referendum in Catalonia, which was declared illegal. The Catalan club, which was rejected by the Spanish Football Federation, won 3-0 at home to face the decision to play without a spectator.