US university basketball scandal!

US university basketball scandal!
US university basketball scandal!

The 10 coaches, including four assistant coaches working in the NCAA Men’s Basketball League, were charged with influencing their preferences, such as star player, school, shoe sponsor and manager, by bribes.

The US high school and college basketball, which has turned into a billion-dollar industry, has come to the fore with bribery charges. According to federal prosecutors, at least three students in high school teams were asked to choose college teams, footwear sponsors, managers, or even tailors, to be influenced by bribery ranging from $ 100 to $ 150,000. It was allegedly bribed to their parents and their coaches as well as to the students.
Accusations include Chuck Person, coach of the Auburn Tigers from NCAA Men’s Basketball League teams, Emanuel Richardson, assistant coach of the Arizona Wildcats, Tony Bland, assistant coach of South California Trojans, Lamont Evans coach of Oklahoma State Cowboys, James Gatto, marketing director, and Rashan Michel, who is known as the tailor of the American Basketball League (NBA) stars.
NCAA President Mark Emmert said in his statement that the accusations were disturbing, “Coaches have a unique role in the safety of both students and their families, and this trust is unusual and infamous.” expressions.