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Messi’s wedding dancing was the mocking theme

Messi's wedding dancing was the mocking theme
Messi's wedding dancing was the mocking theme

Images from the wedding of Messi, the Argentine star of the Barcelona football club, who married Antonella Roccuzzo, childhood love, forbade the phones.

Messi’s feature turned out to be the first kiss and a hard time during the dance. The images leaked from the web became a Messi teaser as it spread in social media.
Messi’s fraternity, which is the mother of two children, is the birthplace of Antonella Roccuzzo, a 29-year-old child, who married his cell phone and banned mobile phones.
Messi, one of the best footballers in the world, stamped every game with wrist movements pushing the limits of the mind in the green places, and the motions of the synchronous movements while dancing in the wedding in the city of Rosario of Argentina became the subject of mockery.


In a comment on a Twitter user’s views, “The sahada used Messi’s danceful, shocking” expressions of excellent timing, rhythm and mobility.
Another user said, “I want more images that Messi dances.”


Messi’s “first kiss” to the bride was not very aesthetically contrary to the sahadakiler.
Messi’s wedding dancing was the mocking theme
The couple’s wedding ceremony was attended by famous Colombian pop star Shakira, as well as famous names from football worlds such as Francesc Fabregas, Neymar, Luis Suarez and Dani Alves.