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Italian press loaded on Ferrari

Italian press loaded on Ferrari
Italian press loaded on Ferrari

After almost every bad race, Italian media criticized Ferrari again after ‘disaster’ in Singapore.

Ferrari pilot Sebastian Vettel was out of the race with his teammate and Red Bull pilot when he contacted Raikkonen and Verstappen at the Singapore GP where he started in the pole position.

As a result, while Ferrari was expected to be very strong, leaving Singapore empty, Mercedes left the score difference open.

Italian La Gazzetta dello Sport threw the head “Ferrari made everything wrong”.

In the news, “Red vehicles destroyed themselves in such a way that even the best director of horror movies could not even imagine.” expressions were used.


Corriere dello Sport was on the front page of Ferrari’s accident.

In the news, “No Vettel, not so” was the title, “one of the biggest disasters of the last 10 years for Ferrari in the first 300 meters of Singapore”. The statement said.

Tuttosport “The incredible accident consumed Maranello’s championship hopes, and in a matter of seconds the entire season was gone.” Wrote.

Finally, La Stampa used the phrase “Hamilton can now run for world championship”.