Great shock to English legend!

Great shock to English legend!

Frank Lampard, the legendary British actor, is shocked by the transformation of his rented home into a sex dungeon. 

Frank Lampard, the legendary captain of Chelsea and the UK, comes to mind with interesting topics. 39-year-old former football player in the Instagram account of the photograph of the spouse and dog with a blatant expression sharing both the reaction and has been on the agenda.

Two days before the event, the British press had another interesting news about Lampard. According to the report by The Sun, the house that Lampard bought and rented for investment in Fulham was transformed into a sex cellar! It turns out that tenant Davina Ward, known as a personal trainer, was selling cocaine at home and serving “BDSM” fetishists for money and porn movies.

The Sun was shocking when Ward shared a video. The Sun reporter’s secret camera on the video at the age of 37 Ward, “guests” how welcomed and sex toys, the customer thinks the reporter is showing.

The prominent footballer’s lawyer stated that Lampard was not informed of this achievement and that they would do it themselves. It is known that the house, which is known to be close to Lampard’s estate, is worth about 2 million pounds and that Davina Ward pays 3 thousand 400 pounds per month for the house.


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