Dressel became a partner in Phelps’ record.

Dressel became a partner in Phelps' record.
Dressel became a partner in Phelps' record.

Caeleb Remel Dressel, who won 7 gold medals in the swimming competitions at the 17th World Water Sports Championship, became a partner in Michael Phelps’ world championship record.

The championship, hosted by Hungarian capital city Budapest, ended in a swim competition.
In the men’s 4×100 mixed flag race, the US team of Matt Grevers, Kevin Cordes, Nathan Adrian and Caeleb Remel Dressel won a gold medal of 3.21.97.
US swimmer Dressel won a gold medal in three individual 4-team events throughout the championship, setting the record for seven gold medals in a world champion Michael Phelps’s national championship.
Phelps won eight gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and won seven gold medals at the 12th World Water Sports Championship in Melbourne in 2007.
On the other hand, on the final day of the championship, the US team, composed of Kathleen Baker, Lilly King, Kelsi Worrell and Simone Manuel in the women’s 4×100 mixed flag race, broke a record with 3.51.55. Women in Lilly King, USA, have a new record for a 50-meter frog with a timing of 29.40.