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Crazy Turks are at the championship bend!

Crazy Turks are at the championship bend!
Crazy Turks are at the championship bend!

In Europe, the representatives of the National Anthem, who listened to the whole world and sent our flag to almost every race, are now entering the last corner.

Kenan Sofuoğlu, chasing the sixth championship this season, Toprak Razgatlıoğlu, who snatched the Superbike ticket and ran for the championship, and Pioneer brothers who ran to the summit with sure steps on the way to MotoGP managed to add smoke to the races.

Our representatives can return home with four world championships on four different seasons this season. Let’s look at the latest situation together.

Supersport – Kenan Sofuoğlu

Kenan Sofuoglu, who started with an unfortunate injury to the season and had to miss the first two races, returned to the tracks in Aragon, but after an Italian Federico Caricasulo’s accident, he was unlucky enough to have contact with his opponent.

Kenan Sofuoglu, Kawasaki Puccetti Racing
There should have been a way out for our representative who closed the first three races unscathed, and of course this road was passing through Assen.

In the Netherlands, Kenan handed over the leash, and in the other hand, with the Turkish flag, four races overtook him with victory and showed to the world how to return a real champion.

In Germany, after the second round of the race with the red flag, the first lineage in Portugal, our closest rival, Lucas Mahias, succeeded in the championship.

Our representative who entered the last three races as a leader with a difference of 4 points, thanks to the momentum he got with Assen beyond the point of the score, he will be on the runway as the winner of the win in the remaining races.

Podium: 2. Kenan Sofuoglu, Kawasaki Puccetti Racing
We will take the first step to the sixth championship on the Mangy-Cours circuit of France. At Magny-Cours, where our first Supersport championship is won, our representative has a successful history. We were very close to throwing the championship tour here last year, but we did not have that excitement in France when we went to the lead.

Having managed to win the race in Jerez last year, Kenan celebrated his 5th championship on the piste. As I have just mentioned, we can once again celebrate the championship in Jerez if Mahias is left behind or can not finish the race. Now that we have 75 points to collect, we know that our representative will not be able to pitch the championship in France mathematically. But here we can take the championship tour in Jerez, the next race according to a future victory and Mahias’ race result.

Race winner Kenan Sofuoglu, Kawasaki Puccetti Racing
The final race of the 2017 season will be held at the Losail circuit in Qatar. In this highly exciting season’s finals, we will probably find out in Qatar who the championship is going to because I think both Kenan and Mahias will pass France and Spain without any problems. Of course, we wish to celebrate the championship without coming to the last race, but we see that everything changes very fast in motorsports at any moment.

We wish once more to our representatives who have been driving this challenging season wonderfully and now I am going to another topic which is more valuable than the 6th championship (I am sure that Kenan Sofuoglu also thinks so). Yes, we continue with the storm of Toprak Razgatlıoğlu and Öncü brothers.

Race winner Kenan Sofuoğlu
Superstock 1000 – Toprak Razgatlıoğlu

Following the superb championship in the Superstock 600 series, our young representative, who was promoted to the 1000 category, had the chance to go on the track in the first Superbike race of the 2016 season. Obviously, with this news, everybody flew out of joy, but the unfortunate disability of Earth was delayed a bit to the Superstock 1000 series.

Soil Razgatlioglu, Puccetti Racing
Having achieved an increase in performance every race after the injury in 2016, Toprak gave the first signals of the storm in the season of 2017 together with the challenges entered by the experienced competitors in the last races.

Toprak, who stepped in fourth place in Aragon for the 2017 season, was the first to see the checkered flag in Assen, the second race of the season.


We have a young representative who has won two more victories in Donington Park and Portimao and is not clinging to the summit struggle. During the season, the Ducati driver fought Rinaldi.

Soil Razgatlioglu, Puccetti Racing
According to Supersport, our first stop will be the Magny-Cours track of France in the Superstock 1000 series, which will have 1 race early final. Then we will go to Jerez for the season finale. We know that Toprak, who is second in the championship by 8 points behind Rinaldi, has achieved successful results in these past two races.

If we finish these races with 2 victories we know that it is difficult but not impossible, we will be named Toprak Razgatlıoğlu championship in 2017 season and we will take Superbike as Champion in 2018 season.

Kenan Sofuoglu, Kawasaki Puccetti Racing, Soil Razgatlioglu, Kaw

Asian Talent Cup – Deniz Öncü & C

Crazy Turks are at the championship bend!
Crazy Turks are at the championship bend!

an Öncü

The Pioneer brothers who came from behind in the rainy season in Malaysia, the last race of the 2016 season, finished 2nd and 3rd in the race, signaled that they will be alive in 2017. Of course, when we went out on the podium, we saw plenty of marvelous works of the Sea, shaking hands with Rossi.

# 7 Marine Forerunner
Having started the season in Thailand with spectacular 2 victories, Deniz Öncü did not find what he wanted in subsequent races but with 102 points he is in the 2nd place behind the leader in the championship only 9 points.

Competition is very high and generally 7-8 drivers are fighting for leadership during the race, Can Öncü also won the last two races and I am in the championship fight and he is in the 4th place with 97 points collected.

There are four more races ahead and everything can change in the championship. Among the winners of the championship are Pioneer brothers. The future of our young drivers who have succeeded in attracting big teams in the Asian Talent Cup races at Superbike or MotoGP weekend is quite brilliant.

Podium: Deniz Öncü
Yes, we’ve been waiting for years when a MotoGP driver will come out of us. So far, the Soil and Pioneer brothers who are very close to competing are competing for the championship this season. Of course, the biggest thanks to Kenan Sofuoğlu’nun once more in this point we must national.

We aim to finish this season with 4 championships because the crazy Turks are now turning their championship bend.