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Brown: Renault is not a short-term solution for McLaren

Brown: Renault is not a short-term solution for McLaren
Brown: Renault is not a short-term solution for McLaren

Zak Brown said that they did not see Renault motor as a short-term solution for McLaren, but they would like to continue working together in the future.

The McLaren-Honda adventure, which started with great hopes, will be competing for the first time at the end of the season with sona erecek and British team history.

It is known that McLaren wants to pass the Mercedes engine in general, but it is claimed that Mercedes has offered to give the Engines a year old engine and McLaren has rejected it.

Negative from Ferrari, McLaren is not as strong as Mercedes and Ferrari yet, but has switched to Renault, the only option outside Honda.

In general, it is thought that McLaren will use Renault engines until 2021 and pass another manufacturer during the 2021 season when engine rules will change.

Speaking on the subject, Brown said, “No, we do not see it as a short-term solution.”

“When we look at it in general, nobody knows how motor rules will be in 2021. That’s why it’s hard for anyone to look beyond 2020.”

“We think that this will be a long-term partnership for both sides, our general view is this way.

“Renault has a successful track record in the history of the sport and has been a champion many times with Red Bull, and they are the champions, so we are happy to be with them.

Brown said that in the future a possible Red Bull-Honda partnership does not worry him.

“It is not Red Bull Honda or any other partnership that worries us the most, we just have to control the budget.”

“I think the difference we see right now is that the top two teams (Ferrari and Mercedes) spend a lot more money and have a bigger budget than the other teams.”

“The differences seem to be getting bigger and this is not what Formula 1 should be in. It’s our biggest worry, we have to be sure it’s a more normal fight, so 21 races can win a lot of different teams.”