Arsenal: 3 – Cologne: 1 | Match result

Arsenal: 3 - Cologne: 1 | Match result
Arsenal: 3 - Cologne: 1 | Match result

Arsenal struggled after 17 years in the UEFA Europa League, the number two organization on the level of European football’s clubs, played Cologne 3-1 in Group H match. Arsenal, who played the final with this Galatasaray on May 17, 2000, closed the first half behind 1-0.
Jon Cordoba, goalkeeper Ospina wanted to remove the ball about 44 meters away from the check, then overturned a ball hit the ball with Arsenal.
While this score will be the score of the first half; the host team went to the end in the second half. Kolasinac, who first entered the game afterwards, scored the score at 49. Theo Walcoot, who controlled Elneny’s overturning ball near the six-ply left-sided line, Defanstan hit Kolasinac’s rebound on the left-handed ball and the score came to 1-1.
Alexis Sanchez appeared on stage at 67. Chile moved the ball on the left front line of the penalty, then sent the ball to the net with a classical strike. Sanchez threw his first goal in the Arsenal formation this season.
In 82, Hector Bellerin said the last word. Walcott hit hard from the right side of the penalty spot as Kolasinac jumped over Wilshere through the ball. Bellerin finished the returning ball and Arsenal 3-1 ahead.
In the remaining minutes, both teams did not make any effort, and Arsenal left the field 3-1.